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Woodbridge High School

Woodbridge High School

Woodbridge Uniform

Uniform, Clothing and Appearance




Black with school badge



School Tie

All students must wear ties. Five stripes must be visible.  


White plain school shirt

Top buttons must be done up. No blouses or camisole tops.Short sleeved shirts may be worn in the summer.


Black tailored school trousers

No denim, no patch pockets, no skinny/stretch trousers, no leggings, no undergarments showing.


Black – A line – knee length school skirt

No PE skirts. Skirts must not be rolled.


Black ‘V’ neck – plain, long sleeved


No sweatshirts, no cardigans, no logos apart from school badge.


Black leather with black soles and black laces

No trainers, no designer trainers, no high heels, no canvas/boat shoes, no white crepe shoes,no patent shoes, no boots, no coloured laces. 


White or black

Must be worn below the knee, no patterns

Tights              Flesh tone or plain                                               No patterns



Outdoor          Black or navy, plain.                                             No writing or patterns 


PE Kit               White PE polo shirt with school logo             Trainers must be worn

                          Black shorts or                                                       for PE only

                          Black school tracksuit bottoms

                          Black school tracksuit top


                          Sports socks

Black leather with black soles and black laces only

NO TRAINERS, no canvas/boat shoes, no white crepe shoes, no patent shoes, no boots, no coloured laces, no high heels

Other Uniform Expectations


To be worn tucked into trousers/skirts

Appropriate Jewellery

One small earring (1cm in diameter) or stud per ear (not protruding).  No other body piercings (including eyebrows, nose studs, tongues, etc) are permitted. 

No visible tattoos/fake tattoos allowed.

No rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc, should be worn.

Watches may be worn but not during exams.


Hair should not worn extremely short (no number 1 cut) and should not include stripes/patterns (including patterns in eyebrows), is not unduly attention seeking (colour etc.) and does not include excessive hair accessories


Never allowed in school at any time


Should not be worn at all in years 7-9 and only small/subtle amounts in years 10-11. This includes minimal eye liner, foundation and mascara.  Pupils will be expected to remove excessive make-up.  No false eyelashes


Only clear nail varnish is permitted; no false nails


Only badges appropriate to school life should be worn on lapels


A black, plain, unpatterned, headscarf (no tassels, logos, fringes or brightly coloured clips) is acceptable, but the face must not be obscured in any way. White headscarves may be worn in the summer term.

Contact lenses Lenses must be clear. Coloured lenses are not permitted.

Please reinforce the expectation that your child should:

  • arrive/depart school in full uniform (including blazers, black shoes, etc)
  • be in full uniform at all times inside the school buildings (corridors, classrooms, etc), including the wearing of blazers and black shoes
  • arrive/depart at assemblies wearing blazers
  • the school will advise of days (usually in the second part of the summer term) when blazers need not be worn at all times in the school.