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Woodbridge High School

Woodbridge High School

Vocational Appeals

If you believe an error has been made in determining your grade, you will have a right to appeal.

The grounds for appeal are:

Stage Service Description
Stage 1 Centre Review The school will check whether it has made an administrative or procedural error, or both, and may change the grade as a result.
Stage 2 Awarding Organisation Appeal

The awarding organisation (exam board) will check whether the school has made a procedural error or whether the awarding organisation has made an administrative error.


Students can also ask the awarding organisation to check whether the academic judgement made by the school was reasonable.


The grade may change as a result.

To request a Centre review or Appeal, please use the forms below.  You must request a Stage 1 Centre review before you can request a Stage 2 Appeal.

At both stages of the process you will need to give your consent to conduct the appeal or submit it to the exam board on your behalf. It is important to remember that your grade can go down, up or stay the same through either stage of the process.

The table below sets out the deadlines by which appeals must be submitted to the school to enable us to compile and complete the documentation in time to submit to the awarding organisation if necessary.

The table also sets out the last date that the school will issue outcomes of Stage 1 Centre Reviews so that students have time to consider whether to submit a Stage 2 Awarding Organisation Appeals before the deadlines.

Service Deadline Date
Stage 1 Centre Review Request Deadline Friday 21st January

Stage 1 Outcome from School

Friday 28th January

Stage 2 Awarding Organisation Appeal Request Deadline

Friday 4 February
Service Link
Stage 1 Centre Review Stage 1 review
Stage 2 Appeal Stage 2 Appeal