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Woodbridge High School

Woodbridge High School

Uniform & Equipment

Uniform and Equipment Policy

Uniform must be worn in school, to and from school and at official functions organised by the school. We believe that with ALL students in uniform, we can best reach those objectives of substantial achievement in an orderly atmosphere. Furthermore, the appearance and general conduct of students makes an impression on the community and parents are asked to co-operate in ensuring that this impression is a favourable one. In cases of financial need, parents may apply to the Borough for assistance towards the cost of school clothing. Children coming to school in unacceptable uniform will be supplied with the correct uniform / plimsolls from Wynndale Office. Students are asked to leave a deposit (an article of minor value) whilst school property is being borrowed.

Since changing fashions may make it necessary to specify in detail what is acceptable, the school’s decision is final.

  1. All items of uniform should be NAMED. The School cannot accept any liability for loss or damage to clothing or equipment incurred on the school premises.
  2. For health and safety reasons no jewellery may be worn in school, with the exception of a watch and a pair of small plain ear studs or sleepers.

Click here for the Woodbridge High School Uniform and Expectations
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The pupils should arrive at school sensibly equipped for the day. Please support the pupils and the school by noting:

  • School Bag – Should be big enough to contain an A4 size folder, all exercise books, journals and equipment, and so handbags are not appropriate.
  • Pencil Case – Pencil cases should include pens, pencils, ruler, rubber. All students joining in year 7 will be issued with a pencil case. Pencil cases must be clear to comply with exam regulations.
  • Water Bottle – Students should bring their own bottle to fill from the bottle refilling stations around the site.  Water is freely available in both canteens at lunchtime. No non-school compliant fizzy drinks, including sports energy drinks, are allowed in school.
  • Electronic calculator - Appropriate calculators can be purchased from school.

Electronic items, other than mobile telephones for emergency use, should not be brought into school. Mobile telephones, if brought into school, must be switched off and kept in students’ bags. They may only be switched on and used with the express permission of a member of staff.

The school will not take action to investigate the theft or loss of electronic items that it has specifically asked pupils not to bring to school.

Confiscation and Sanction

All students will be made aware of the arrangements during the school year, most particularly in the first term. Students who choose to disobey the uniform and equipment expectations will be sanctioned for deliberate defiance of school rules. This will be done in the context of the school’s published sanctions procedures.

It is appropriate for the school to confiscate items of inappropriate clothing or equipment that have been worn or brought to school in defiance of these expectations. All items of clothing will kept by the teacher / member of staff confiscating. The student will be informed that an item is being confiscated and that the item is not permitted in the school. The student will be given a reasonable time when the item can be collected. Under normal circumstances this should be within 24 hours.