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Woodbridge High School

Woodbridge High School

Teaching & Learning

Learning and Teaching are obviously central to the work of any school and Woodbridge is a place where staff and students are passionate about learning.

Our Learning Vision highlights five strands that encourage quality learning to take place: 

  • Cultivating a positive environment
  • Learning belonging to the learners
  • Everyone enjoying being challenged
  • Building learning
  • Improving teaching

Our set of consistent practices (a ‘Framework for Teaching’) highlights the key elements of exciting and engaging lessons, such as lively starters, expert teacher exposition, student leadership of parts of the lesson, collaborative group and pair work, focused individual work and careful summaries of what has been learnt. Students are expected to make progress in every lesson and teachers plan carefully to ensure that this happens.

Activities are differentiated such that students of all abilities are stretched and challenged, and assessment is used to inform planning and enable teaching to be targeted to meet students’ differing needs.

Constant focus on improving teaching and learning happens at staff CPD sessions and recently staff have been involved in honing their questioning, group work and 6th Form pedagogical skills.