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Woodbridge High School

Woodbridge High School

Summer School Funding Report

The Summer School operated from 23rd-27th August 2021. 122 students in the incoming year 7 attended, of whom 25 are eligible for Pupil Premium.

The school received £23,880 in additional funding to operate a Summer School in summer 2021.

The programme included:

  • Transitional activities such as introductions to new staff, exploring the school site and beginning to learn about the key differences between primary school and life at Woodbridge High School.
  • Wellbeing support activities such as developing mindfulness, understanding resilience, why it is important and how to support each other in building this and how to combat anxiety that commonly occurs when moving from primary to secondary education.
  • Subject support such as additional lessons in Science, English, Maths, Geography, History and Languages.
  • Team games and arts-based activities such as problem-solving activities, team building activities and creative challenges.

The programme was led and run by Woodbridge staff who were paid additional hours to attend during the holiday period.  A hot meal was provided for all those students who attended each day.