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Woodbridge High School

Woodbridge High School

Student Wellbeing

Students can arrange a self-referral appointment with a member of the Wellbeing Team at Woodbridge. There are also a number of resources and charities  available that provide help and advice on mental health and wellbeing.


To contact a member of the Wellbeing Team and arrange a self-referral appointment click on the relevant link below:
(Please note: an appointment will typically be offered within 5-7 days of the request) 


These emails are monitored from 8.30am to 5pm, Monday - Friday and not outside of school hours. In case of emergency, please contact Childline: 0800 1111, Kooth ( or the CAMHS 24 hour crisis line Mental Health Direct: 0300 555 1000 . Alternatively call 111/999. 


Mel Stephenson  

Clinical Lead : Mel Stephenson BA(Hons) with QTS, PGDip, MA Counselling & Psychotherapy

What sparked your interest in counselling and psychotherapy?
Mainly enjoying working with young people, I also volunteered for Childline for about 4 years and found it so fulfilling. Mental health is so pivotal to wellbeing. 

When did you start working at Woodbridge High School? 
I started in the summer term of 2016.

What were you doing before you joined?
I had opened a small therapeutic school with a friend/colleague in Bedfordshire, so was providing therapy to those students and local schools as well as running the school! 

Do you have any specialist areas of interest in your field?
I’ve a research interest in trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences or ‘ACES’. My masters thesis was centred around this, it’s always best researching something you’re authentically interested in given how immersed you have to become in it!

What do you love most about Woodbridge?
I remember on my first look around the school, someone commented how amazingly warm the school is relative to how big it is...I feel that too! It's so dynamic and forward thinking; the atmosphere is full of energy and the students are exciting and incredibly fulfilling to work with. I've also been so lucky to work with some amazing colleagues and to make some good friends at Woodbridge, I definitely feel part of the family.

Did you know?
I once walked the great wall of China for nine days for charity!


Wendy Smith 

Education Welfare and Family Liaison Officer: Wendy Smith, Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (CPCAB Counselling & Psychotherapy Awarding Body) 

What sparked your interest in wellbeing?
My interest in people lies at the core of this interest. I believe in others and their ability to facilitate change for themselves through the process of relationship, communication, support, respect, understanding and space. I am person-centred in my approach, believing that we all hold the tools to be who we choose to be and achieve beyond our thoughts.

When did you start working at Woodbridge High School?
I started working with Woodbridge in July 2017 via an external company; I became a staff member of Team Woodbridge February 2020.

What were you doing before you joined?
I was in a counselling agency, working with adults and groups and in secondary schools as a mentor, coach and counsellor. I have worked in many local authority and independent educational settings for nearly twenty-five years.

Do you have any specialist areas of interest in your field?
Young people and families.

What do you love most about Woodbridge?
Woodbridge is exceptional, incredible community. It is genuinely underpinned by kindness, care, humility and equality. The Woodbridge ethos is felt by all in the environment; it is warm, nurturing, friendly, happy and united.

Did you Know?
I enjoy travel and learning about people and their different lifestyles. I have been privileged to visit many countries, my favourite continues to be Italy; the love of family, tradition, culture is so obvious to me in Italy.

Henna Lone

Art Psychotherapist: Henna Lone MA Art Psychotherapy

What sparked your interest in art therapy?

As an artist I’ve always used my creativity to help express myself and work through difficult feelings. I’ve also worked in many schools with young people and children and quickly became interested in supporting the behavioural and emotional wellbeing of those under my care. Combining these interests lead me to study Art Psychotherapy!

When did you start working at Woodbridge High School?

I started working at Woodbridge in September 2021!

What were you doing before you joined?

I was completing my Masters course as well working in a specialist school as support staff for Year 10 and Year 11.

Do you have any specialist areas of interest in your field?

I am interested in supporting minority and marginalised communities. Coming from an ethnic minority community myself has shown me the need for more support for young people to access therapeutic intervention. I’m also interested in supporting those that have experienced trauma by providing a safe space full of understanding and free of judgement.

What do you love most about Woodbridge

Everyone here is so friendly and supportive of one another! It feels like a great community to be a part of.

Did you know?

As well as my name being Henna, I enjoy getting creative with henna patterns all over my hands and arms. I also love coffee… and taking photographs of both.