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What is Sociology?

The aim of sociology is to give you the opportunity to reflect on the state of our world and equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to become an active citizen. This is obviously important for you personally. Having a qualification in sociology is also viewed very favourably by all good universities and employers; they are looking for young people with a fine general knowledge and enquiring minds.

Is Sociology right for you?

Do you find these questions interesting?

  • The family is a source of security – why is it also the most likely source of abuse?
  • The education system is designed to ensure that the best people get to the top – why is it then that so few people in the top jobs today come from so few posh schools?
  • We live a free society where power has over centuries been seized from a privileged few – why do so few people, especially the young, vote, and why are politicians so hated?
  • The crime rate is at an all-time low – why doesn’t it seem like that and why are we so scared of crime?

In asking these questions we aim to replace common sense assumptions with good sense, based on research.

GCSE Course

  1. The sociological approach
  2. Social structures, social processes and social issues
  3. Families
  4. Education
  5. Crime and deviance
  6. Social stratification
  7. Sociological research methods

A Level Course

The course is divided into four units.

AS in year 12:

  • Unit one – families and households – written paper, one hour.
  • Unit two – education and sociological methods – written paper, two hours.

A2 in year 13:

  • Unit three – power and politics – written paper, ninety minutes.
  • Unit four – crime and deviance with theory and methods – written paper two hours.

What are the entry requirements for the course?

At least a Grade B in English Language or English Literature. It is an advantage to have sound grades in subjects related to Sociology such as; History, R.E., Geography and Media Studies. It is also It is necessary to have excellent English Language skills, and a keen interest in current affairs.

Why Study Sociology?

Many students describe sociology as life changing, you will be more confident, better read, have better written and verbal and written communications skills and  be able to respond to a variety of data. In addition you will be able to debate issues and have an excellent knowledge of what is happening in the world. You will see things differently.

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