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Woodbridge High School

Woodbridge High School

Senior Staff

Woodbridge High School Senior Staff Structure - Leadership Group

Headteacher - STEVEN HOGAN 

Responsibilities include: leader of school strategy and direction, manager of systems and finances, student welfare and conduct.

Overall responsibilities for: staffing matters; staff cover; pupil discipline; relations with governors, liaison with other primary and secondary headteachers, the local authority, Department for Education, and Ofsted; policy direction; prospectus; school development planning; exclusions, including permanent.

Deputy Headteacher (School Systems) - JEREMY CLIFTON 

Responsibilities include: line management of English, Administrative Team and the IT support staff; school curriculum strategy and implementation; curriculum options and timetabling; school calendar; school journeys; marketing / press liaison, school productions and functions; Parent-Teacher Association; school infrastructure.

Deputy Headteacher (School Standards) - Talvinder Bhullar 

Responsibilities include: line management of Maths and the Data Team; student progression and intervention; progress data analysis; national and local benchmarking; staffing and continuing professional development; links with other schools; acting headteacher in the absence of the headteacher.

Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral) - Faheem Khan 

Responsibilities include: line management of Science, Behaviour Support Team, Inclusion Co-ordinators and the Inclusion Team; oversight of all pastoral matters; Designated Safeguarding Lead; Child Protection, Prevent and outside agencies liaison; student behaviour and reward systems; Special Educational Needs oversight; Looked After Children; managed moves; respite; bespoke curriculum arrangements; student attendance.

Assistant Headteacher (Key Stage 3) - Amelie Annee 

Responsibilities include: line management of Geography, RE, History, Library, and the year 8 and 9 co-ordinators; year 7-9 pastoral matters; learning and teaching strategy and development; disadvantaged and higher achieving student progress in Key Stage 3, Framework for Teaching; quality of teaching oversight; Life Studies and PSCHE.

Assistant Headteacher (Key Stage 4) - Jamie steacy-buck 

Responsibilities include: line management of Modern Languages, Design Technology, Media, Health & Social Care, Every Child Matters postholders and the year 10 and 11 co-ordinators; year 10-11 pastoral matters; widening participation and pupil premium champions; school council; disadvantaged and higher achieving student progress in Key Stage 4; Framework for Teaching.

Assistant Headteacher (Key Stage 5) - Graham Samuels 

Responsibilities include: line management of PE, Computing, Business Studies, Social Sciences and the Sixth Form; year 12-13 pastoral matters; Sixth Form recruitment; UCAS oversight; disadvantaged and higher achieving student progress in Key Stage 5; learning and teaching and Sixth Form pedagogy; higher achieving student extra-curricular programmes.

Assistant Headteacher (Research and Development) -
Laura Evans (On maternity Leave) 

Responsibilities include: line management of Art, Drama, Music and the year 7 co-ordinator; primary / secondary transition; induction and assessment of student teachers and newly qualified teachers; staff CPD; pedagogical research and development; Framework for Teaching; school self review and quality assurance systems.

Business Manager - Frank Gordon 

Responsibilities include: line management of site and finance staff; finance; assets; site; compliance; clerk to the governing body; health and safety, security, and payroll and related advice.


Responsibilities include: line management of Art and Drama and the year 7 co-ordinator; primary / secondary transition; character programmes; deputy designated safeguarding lead. 


Responsibilities include: line management of PE and Music; induction and assessment of early career teachers; staff CPD; pedagogical research and development. 



Year Coordinators

Year 7

Ms Birch 

Year 8

Mr O’Brien 

Year 9

Ms Tabb 

Year 10

Ms Cranwell 

Year 11

Mr Laws

 Year 12 Mrs Bemath 
 Year 13 Ms Gold

Sixth Form

Miss Iyengar

Heads of Department


Mrs Ward-Mills


Ms Bartlett

Business & Economics

Ms Jaeggi 


Dr Pih
 Computing Mr Brock-Carey

´╗┐´╗┐Design Technology

Ms Rivers


Miss Pinnell


Mrs Amihere


Mrs Bemath


Ms Fleet 


Ms Turner

Health & Social Care

Mrs Griffiths


Ms Whelan

Inclusion (SEN and EAL)

Mrs Boaten-Rolfe


Mr Hennessy


Mr Blunt


Ms Jackson


Mrs Brock-Carey

Pastoral Manager Mr Syed


Mr Smith


Mrs Param


Mr Sethuraman 


Ms Choudhry


Mrs Clark


Mr Williams


Mr Shaw

 Social Sciences Mrs Param


Ms Zmirou

 Wellbeing Team Ms Stephenson