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Woodbridge High School

Woodbridge High School

School Council

The School Council and other student bodies The School Council is a representative body for the students at Woodbridge.

It consists of 14 students: two from each of years 7-11 and the head students, who are representative of year 11 and the 6th form. These are elected by their respective year councils. The Year Councils for each year group consist of two from each tutor group. These are elected by the form tutor in each tutor groups.

There is a meeting programme that ensures specific and relevant issues are discussed at all levels. For example, students undergo a consultation process during form time with the main points taken by the form reps to the year council. There is further discussion to establish consistent themes. The year reps who sit on the school council are then able to present the views and thoughts of the year group with decisions made and action taken.

A number of issues and topics have been on the agenda this year:

  • Raising money for charity
  • School environment
  • Video conferences with local schools to discuss common issues that affect students in London aged 11-16 and how to make the internet a safer place for young people

These discussions have resulted in some key actions:

  • Continuation in raising money for charities
  • Plans to improve the toilet facilities
  • Regular ‘Have Your Say’ so that student’s opinions can be expressed
  • Network of local schools where ideas are shared and implemented