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Woodbridge High School

Woodbridge High School

School Caterers

Our school caterers are Innovate, offering fantastic quality and responsible food to our students and staff. 


"Across our wide, diverse and ever-changing menus, we ensure that every single morsel is safe, sustainable and tastes great. We only source from farmers, wholesalers and catering butchers that are audited to UKAS accredited standards and meet the highest possible assurance levels. 

We use our ears and listen to students, understanding what they want and then reflecting their desires on our menus, in our environments and through our initiatives. Working with schools in this way embeds us as a valued part of their community. We’re serving the same students five days a week and usually more than once a day; to compete with the high street we have to be better than the high street.

In addition to great food in great environments, we are committed to becoming an ‘Impact Organisation’ and doing whatever we can to create a better world. We operate a sustainable and responsible business model, minimising packaging (especially plastics), food waste and energy consumption, whilst maximising recycling and composting. We also help people who might otherwise find it difficult to enter the workforce, creating opportunities and facilitating ongoing personal development.

As an Impact Food Group caterer, our vision and values are entirely aligned to working with our schools to create a positive food culture and change the eating habits of a generation. Our approach and commitment to brilliant food, genuine partnership, impassioned service and rejuvenating our planet, drives huge benefits for the school, the students and the environment, both now and in the future."