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Woodbridge High School

Woodbridge High School


“One can't live mindfully without being enmeshed in psychological processes that are around us.”  

Dr. Philip Zimbardo

What is Psychology About?

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind, thoughts, feelings and behaviour. The study of such a complex subject matter is equally as complex and Psychologists employ many methods to do this. Psychologists conduct experimental studies to give them a clue as to how humans may behave in many different contexts. 

Branches of Psychology

Given that human behaviour is complex, it only follows that some psychologists favour theories of human behaviour over others. Studying Psychology at Woodbridge focuses on the following five areas: Behavioural Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Biological Psychology, Psychodynamic Psychology and Humanistic Psychology.

GCSE Psychology

Here at Woodbridge we follow the OCR board. GCSE Psychology is a two year course that covers the following topics:

  • Criminal Psychology
  • Development
  • Psychological problems
  • Social influence
  • Memory
  • Sleep and dreaming
  • Research methods


The course will also involve students conducting and analysing their own research. GCSE Psychology is assessed by completing two exams. There is no coursework element to GCSE Psychology.


A-Level Psychology

Psychology at Woodbridge follows the AQA Specification. Over the course of the two years, students will learn the following topics

  •          Social influence
  •          Memory
  •          Attachment
  •          Approaches in Psychology
  •          Issues and Debates in Psychology
  •          Psychopathology
  •          Biopsychology
  •          Relationships
  •          Aggression     
  •          Schizophrenia
  •          Research methods

Throughout the two years, students will be required to apply their understanding of research methods across all of the topics as 25% of the overall assessment will assess skills in relation to research methods. Furthermore, 10% of the overall assessment will assess mathematical skills. A Level Psychology is assessed by completing three exams. There is no coursework element to A Level Psychology.

Psychology and Other Subjects

Psychology lies at the intersection of many other different disciplines, including Biology, Sociology, English Language and Mathematics.

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