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Woodbridge High School

Woodbridge High School

Parents' Handbook

The purpose of the Parents’ Handbook is to explain some of the key policies and procedures that the school has in order to keep our young people safe and help them be successful. 

In keeping with the Department of Education’s practice we use the term ‘parent’ to refer to anyone who has parental responsibility for, or care of, a child. As such, it is an inclusive term to refer to all parents and carers. 

Great care has been taken to ensure that the policies and procedures outlined in this handbook are in keeping with the latest schools’ legislation. If after reading through the handbook you are still unsure about a particular matter, please do not hesitate to contact us at the school where we will do our very best to assist you with your enquiry.

Thank you for your support of the school and your cooperation in promoting the school’s policies and procedures. It is only through this collaboration that we are able to do our best by the children in our care.

Please see below for our latest Parents' Handbook.