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Woodbridge High School

Woodbridge High School

Online Resources

We have put together a number of resources for students to access to support them when they are learning at home. Please see below for a list of resources, click on the name to go straight to the site .

Learning Platform Subject Use
Firefly All Subjects Resources and Homework
Seneca Most Subjects Revise Modules
Seneca KS3 Most Subjects Revise Modules
Seneca KS4 Non Core Most Subjects Revise Modules
Seneca KS4 Core Most Subjects Revise Modules
Seneca KS5 Most Subjects Revise Modules
Gojimo Most Subjects Overview, Quizzes
BBC Bitesize Most Subjects Reviews, Quizzes
MIT Free Course Various MIT Courses
Quizlet Various Flashcards, Quizzes
S-Cool Various Revision
The Open University Various Modules
Tutor2u Various Revision
Uplearn Various Modules
Google Arts and Culture Arts Exhibits
Lightbulb English Lit Revision
Corbett Maths Maths Revision, Past Papers
Kerboodle Maths Revision
Maths Genie Maths Papers
Maths Watch Maths Homework, Revision
MathsPad Maths Worksheets
MyMaths Maths Homework
Pearson ActiveLearn Maths Modules, Quizzes
Smartick Maths Modules
Timestables Rockstars Maths Tasks
Conjugemos MFL Languages
Duolingo MFL Languages
Languages online MFL Spanish, French
Memrise MFL Languages
Spanish to learn free MFL Modules
Music Theory Practice Music Quizzes, Flashcards
Teoria Music Tutorials
The Body Coach PE Workouts
The EverLearner PE Homework
Ezy Education Science Revision, Modules
Science Science Videos
Tassomai Science Revision
Kids should see this General Knowledge Videos, Articles
Learning Enrichment Learning Techniques
Museum Tours Enrichment Museum Tours
Wonderopolis Enrichment Modules
ME Power Wellbeing Techniques