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Music at Woodbridge High School

Music is a very popular subject at Woodbridge High School. Our extra-curricular activities include orchestra, choir, chamber choir, jazz band, ceidlh band, recorder group, rock bands etc. We hold three concerts every year with over 200 students performing. We believe that music is the ‘heartbeat’ of the school ethos and is relevant to all pupils.

Our orchestra caters for all levels of musicianship and all are welcome. We play a range of different musical styles. The orchestra is a key part of the music concerts that occur twice a year, and senior members are invited to play in the band for our yearly musical. Rehearsals: Wednesday after school.

The choir is very successful and is well-known throughout Redbridge. We sing in a range of styles from pop, classical, to soul. The choir go abroad on tour biennially, and have been to Edinburgh and Paris in recent years. Rehearsals: Thursday after school.

Guitar and Ukulele Club
Students can come along to play or learn the ukulele or guitar. We play and sing pop music in a friendly and informal setting. Rehearsals: Friday lunchtime.

Barbershop Choir
This smaller choir sings more complex music and in different parts, and is just for boys. They sing in close four  which can be very challenging, and frequently perform at school events. Rehearsals: Friday after school.

Theory Club
For students with or without previous theory knowledge. This is particularly popular with GCSE students, but is available for all years. Friday lunch time.

Rock Band
This smaller ensemble is a highly skilled group of musicians who play rock music from the last 30 years. Open to drummers, guitarists and singers, this group perform regularly at school events. Rehearsals: Monday lunch time.

Wind Band
Open to any wind or brass players, this ensemble play several different styles of music, from traditional folk songs to jazz. We play twice a year at our concerts, and some more skilled players will be invited to play in the pit band for our annual musical. Rehearsals: Monday after school.

Music Tuition
Woodbridge High School has a thriving Music Department and offers musical instrument lessons at school with teachers from the Redbridge Music Service.  Lessons may be individual or in groups and are arranged on a ‘rota’ basis so as to minimise disruption to curriculum subjects. The instrumental choices currently include piano, voice, guitar, strings, woodwind, brass and drums. If there is a different instrument that your child would like to learn, there may be an opportunity to organise this, so please let us know.


At the start of year 7 students are introduced to reading staff notation and performing (using correct fingering) on keyboards. Throughout KS3 students perform on tuned and untuned percussion, ukuleles, double basses and are encouraged to take up instrumental lessons from the visiting peripatetic teachers we have at the school. The SOL covers a vast range of musical genres. Students perform music from each unit. These performances can be solo, in pairs, groups or whole class. Every student is expected to compose in the various styles of music studied. E.g., Carnival of the Animals, African Drumming, Minimalism etc. This gives them a wide experience of music preparing them for the GCSE in year 10. By the end of KS3 students will have the active skills to perform, compose, listen and appraise music.


The WHS music GCSE results have been outstanding. The GCSE focuses on Performing, Listening, Composing and Appraising. Students will prepare two performances, three compositions and sit a written paper. It is a practical based course and very hands on.


 A level music expects a deeper study of set works (Beethoven's 5th symphony) musical styles (History of the Musical) for the listening exam, one instrumental composition, and a recital that is recorded to CD.

N Brock-Carey

Head of Music

Woodbridge High School

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