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Woodbridge High School

Woodbridge High School

House System

"Pride in Achievement"

The Woodbridge house system is a vertical pastoral system that incorporates tutor groups from each school year. It is a powerful and effective means for students to feel part of the school. Each student is a member of one of five houses: Churchill, Morris, Attlee, Hilton and Pankhurst. This system helps them to develop relationships across all age groups throughout the school. The house system supports the extra-curricular programme and creates many opportunities for students to participate in school life as they take part in house competitions and activities.


Students are awarded House points for academic, extra-curricular and pastoral activities in daily school life. The House points lead to achievement rewards for individuals whilst promoting positive self-esteem and pride in personal and house achievements. 

House Charities

A vital part of the House system is fundraising. Each house is responsible for organising a charity week during which they raise money for a local charity. Representatives from each charity attend school to speak to students and raise awareness about the charity. There are also opportunities for students undertake voluntary work with each charity.