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Woodbridge High School

Woodbridge High School

Higher Aspiring Pupils

We are proud of the many ‘Higher Aspiring Pupils (HAP) students at Woodbridge.

We have a growing number of alumni who have gone on to impressive academic and professional futures.

Higher Aspiring Pupils are identified in Year 7 using a number of criteria: CATS scores, academic attainment and aptitude, outstanding ability and performance (e.g. sport, music, drama) and teacher input. Once identified, students are encouraged to stretch and further their abilities through a variety of activities and opportunities.

Challenge is provided in every lesson. Teachers provide more material and ask more of HAP students; support them less; ask them to lead groups and present first, to the standards required by the next key stage of learning. This is the established ‘More Less First Finest’ method at Woodbridge. In addition, they are asked to use higher order thinking skills: to provide evidence for their ideas, make links and tackle open- ended tasks.

The Heads of Department look at student progress throughout the year. As students progress and begin to develop a ‘heart’ subject, teachers and students act as mentors and specialists to support those with the interest and aptitude to aspire to places at Russell Group Universities and other Centres of Excellence.

Every year, we run a programme of additional lessons, where students are proactive in tailor- made projects. They develop the skills and build a peer group with these aspirations in common.  All students may apply to be a part of this programme and do not need to be identified.  Further details will be available in due course.

The HAP programme is led by Graham Samuels, Assistant Headteacher. Please do contact him with any queries: