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Woodbridge High School

Woodbridge High School


‘Art is not a mirror to reflect reality, but a hammer with which to shape it…’ 



The aims of the Drama Department

  • To give students a voice…
  • To foster self-expression and creativity…
  • To promote a love for learning through stimulating the imagination…
  • To explore and discuss social, cultural and political issues…
  • To enable students to learn and question the world in which they live…
  • To initiate students into an important cultural heritage…
  • To develop students emotionally in order for them to conquer the world around them…

Within Drama we:

  • Encourage students to think, work, question, and perform creatively!
  • Motivate students to challenge their own boundaries and take risks within a stimulating environment.
  • Cultivate confidence and communication skills that can be transferred to any given scenario.

Why study Drama?

Drama is not only for those hoping to enter the industry as a performer- it has something to offer everyone. At the different phases of a student’s school career Drama will aid in the development of emotional intelligence, political & historical knowledge, and creative thinking.

Drama is a practical and energetic subject in which students are empowered to drive the direction of their own learning. We champion creativity, empowerment and ownership as the three pillars in which drama teaching and learning is structured. From this, learners can become more independent, equipped at problem solving & multi-dimensional communication and, finally, confident and resilient individuals.  


Drama at key stage 3 is a curriculum like no other! Students will enter a space where anything can happen and the possibilities are endless! At key stage 3 students are expected to not only develop their skills and knowledge of drama but think compassionately and critically about events that take place in the real world.

Woodbridge Drama at key stage 3 utilises ‘process drama’ as an avenue for learning. This creative and immersive avenue projects students in to various challenging and unique scenarios in which they must respond in role. Students may become deserted on a tropical island or find themselves exploring a haunted manor. Students will investigate topical and political events such as the London Riots and the Refugee Crisis. We will explore historical periods from the Salem Witch Trials to Thatcher’s England. Students will explore controversial questions regarding poverty, human rights and wealth. Students will work with play texts that will inform their opinions of culture and way people live, as well as this countries important heritage. We aim to create a rich curriculum that shapes the whole child, in addition to the acquisition of key dramatic skills and techniques. Whilst Drama is wholly practical, learners consolidate their knowledge by completing self-reflections and conducting peer and self-assessments.


GCSE Drama is an outstanding opportunity for those who are passionate about theatre making and creativity! Studying Drama is an enriching and challenging endeavour- it is not just for those wanting to enter a career in the performing arts industry. Drama is a highly valued qualification recognised by employers and universities. Candidates with qualifications in Drama are thought be excellent communicators, versatile, resilient and confident.

As a performer you will be stretched in the skills and techniques you develop. You will explore various theatre practitioners that will expand your knowledge of style and theatrical practices. Among these practitioners may be Brecht, Berkoff, Frantic Assembly and Artaud. You will explore a range of texts for performance that will challenge how you interpret character and deliver a role.

As a director you will develop your own devised performances in response to a stimulus. You will share and develop ideas of theatre making with your peers to create outstanding performances. You will begin to acknowledge the impact of theatre and how it can shape cultures and generations.

As a practitioner you will be a part of several live theatre trips and workshops that will fuel your ideas. You will learn about all that encompasses outstanding theatre such as staging, lighting, sound, costume and set. You will analyse a set text and review live theatre productions.

GCSE Drama is a highly challenging and demanding course. We expect students taking this option to have outstanding attendance, behaviour, and teamwork skills. GCSE Drama is equally weighted between written and practical assessment. Students whose attendance falls below the expected 95% attendance are discouraged from choosing this option due to the nature of the commitment needed.  

KS5 – A-Level (EDUQAS Drama & Theatre Studies)

A Level Drama & Theatre studies is for those hoping to explore the wonderful diversity, purpose and potential of Drama and Theatre. The course will develop your ability to analyse situations, read people, build your confidence, and improve your ability to present to an audience making it an excellent choice to those hoping to go in to any field or further study at university. The course demands practical, creative and communication skills in equal measure. The nature of the course gives you the freedom to be creative and experiment in the working with others to expand ideas, make new discoveries and take risks to create original and scripted theatre.

On the course you will challenge boundaries of theatre making and classical text, develop knowledge of how theatre is created, and implement your style as a practitioner. You will work with text, stimulus and live theatre influences to perform and write about your original ideas.

Whilst A Level is rigorously academic, it is essentially practical and offers a unique approach to learning. It is an active and creative course which aims to nurture your enthusiasm for and interest in theatre, both as an audience member and as a participant. Through the study of different play texts, practitioners and the history of theatre, you will gain the theoretical knowledge and practical understanding to take to the stage.

Drama is a highly valued qualification recognised by employers and universities. Candidates with qualifications in Drama are thought be excellent communicators, versatile & resilient, and confident.


Woodbridge Drama offers a rich and diverse extra-curricular programme. Among this is a full-scale annual musical and external & residential trips.

The annual school musical is a much awaited and celebrated extra-curricular opportunity. Those that are chosen to take part in the musical demonstrate high standards of commitment and professionalism. The musical is announced in October and performed in March each year. Previous performances have included ‘Beauty and the Beast’ ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’, ‘West Side Story ‘and many others.  

Throughout the year, the department arrange trips across all key stages. Previous trips have been to see ‘Matilda,’ ‘School of Rock,’  ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Wicked’.  There is an annual pantomime trip and several others for key stage 4 & 5.

The Drama department also offer a residential trip to New York City for those students studying GCSE and A level.

Future Pathways

Students who have studied Drama are ideally suited to pursue careers in a wide range of areas. The study of Drama is an excellent preparation for a degree in Drama or Drama School training; however, the skills developed through this course are relevant to many different academic and professional areas. It combines well with other Arts and Humanities subjects, including English.  Drama offers the opportunity to acquire and develop skills many universities and employers look for. It can give candidates the edge; setting them apart from other candidates by demonstrating a diverse range of skills and qualities.

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