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Woodbridge High School

Woodbridge High School

Code of Conduct

The following code of conduct is in the form shared with all students, staff, parents and carers each year.

Code of Conduct

We Are Woodbridge And We Always: 

1. Ensure Learning Comes First 

We will be prepared for lessons by wearing our full uniform smartly and having all our equipment. We will be on time. We will ensure that our learning is never disrupted. 

2. Respect Ourselves and Others 

We will be kind, tolerant and respectful. We will use positive language with others and respect social, gender, cultural and religious differences. We will respect others’ opinions. 

3. Follow Instructions First Time, Every Time 

We will listen to all members of staff and carry out their instructions immediately. We will respect the authority of all staff within the school. 

4. Keep our School Safe for All 

We will move around the school safely and quietly. We will keep hands, feet and objects to ourselves. We will ensure that banned items are not brought to school. 

5. Aim for Excellence 

We will try our best in all our lessons. We will accept new challenges and rise to them. We will be proud of what we have achieved and always look for ways to improve. 

We are Woodbridge and we understand that our community expects these things of us, and that if we are not able to follow them, there will be an appropriate sanction.

Our Code Of Conduct policy can be found HERE