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Woodbridge High School

Woodbridge High School

Aspire Higher

We are proud of the many students at Woodbridge who aspire to great things, which is why we have our ‘Aspire Higher’ programme in place to support them realise their dreams.  

We have an ever-growing number of alumni who have gone on to impressive academic and professional futures, and this starts with engaging in a full range of in-class and extra-curricular academic activities at school. 

Aspire Higher is an inclusive program that is open to all students. Students who are interested in committing to the program are asked to apply via an application form. Once accepted, they are involved in a weekly lesson (period six) with an Aspire Higher teacher.

Challenge is provided in every lesson. Teachers provide more material and ask more of these students; support them less; ask them to lead groups and present first, to the standards required by the next key stage of learning. This is the established ‘More Less First Finest’ method at Woodbridge. In addition, they are asked to use higher order thinking skills: to provide evidence for their ideas, make links and tackle open-ended tasks. These skills are fundamental to our students to help become the best practitioners in these areas and giving them the best opportunity to aim high.

The Aspire programme also runs ‘masterclasses’ throughout the year which the Aspire students are expected to attend. The masterclasses are run by a range of teachers throughout the school. The classes are focused on careers, off curricular, but subject focused or a subject that the teacher specialises in outside their teaching.

Communications to Aspire students are through Google Classroom where they will hear about competitions, activities as well as notices and updates.

The Aspire Higher programme is led by Rebecca Gleeson, Beyond Excellence Team. Queries: