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Woodbridge High School

Woodbridge High School

Application Process

Students in Y11 at Woodbridge

Woodbridge students have been asked to complete an online Post-16 choices form. The link for this form has been sent to their school email. Please contact Mr Hogan at school if your son / daughter has not received a link. They should complete this form by 8 December 2017. After the choices forms have been completed, senior staff will talk to all Y11 students to discuss their post-16 plans. Careers guidance will be available. Choices made may need to be amended in the light of students’ predicted grades.

Students in Y11 at Other Schools

Prospective students looking to move to Woodbridge for the Sixth Form should give us their details by completing the online form here. Students who submit their details will then be invited to an open morning in February. At the open morning, external students will meet other students, experience some lessons and complete a form to let us know more details about what they intend to study. If, following the open morning, we feel that an external student is likely to meet our entry requirements, we will offer them a place.

Click here for the details form for prospective students from other schools.

All Students

An email will be sent either offering you a place (you will be requested to reply by the end of April 2018) or advising you that you have been unsuccessful. You will be invited to reply to our offer to either accept or decline a place. If you have firmly accepted a place, you will be invited to the Sixth Form Induction Day in July 2018.