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Woodbridge High School

Woodbridge High School


Anti-Bullying Policy Statement

This statement is a distillation of a longer anti-bullying policy which sets out the responsibilities of staff, pupils and parents in relation to issues of bullying. All parents receive a copy of the policy at the time of their child’s admission into Woodbridge.

Overall Aims

  • To provide a school environment where bullying is not tolerated and where students feel safe to tell someone, whether another child or an adult, if they are being bullied.
  • To promote an anti-bullying message through the academic and pastoral curriculum and to encourage all members of the school to act with tolerance, courtesy and consideration to others at all times.

Bullying and the School's Behaviour Policy

The anti-bullying policy should be read in conjunction with the Behaviour Policy and with the school’s Code of Conduct.

In essence these state that pupils

  • Have the right to feel emotionally and physically safe at school and that this will be achieved by respecting the rights of each individual and the school as a community
  • Have the right to expect to learn in a safe environment which is free from disruption, violence, bullying and any form of harassment.

Acts of bullying will be dealt with by the application of an appropriate sanction. The range of sanctions available can be found within the full-length Anti-Bullying Policy and the Behaviour Policy.

How the School will work to promote the Anti-Bullying Message

  • All staff will praise and encourage co-operative, caring behaviour
  • Staff will promote positive relationships by showing, through their own behaviour, that it is better for everyone to respect and care for each other
  • Staff will provide an environment where children feel accepted and valued
  • Staff will promote anti-bullying strategies across the academic and pastoral curriculum