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Woodbridge High School

Woodbridge High School

Re-sit Forms

The Cambridge National/Technical Re-sit request form can be found by clicking the link here

Deadline date for the completion of the National/Technical form: FRIDAY 15TH OCTOBER. Payment must also be made by this date.


Note to Year 12 & 13 Students

If you are re-sitting English and/or Mathematics for the first time because you are trying to gain a Grade 4 or above in these subjects the school will pay for your entry and you do not need to complete a re-sit form. If you have previously been entered by the school for either exam before whilst in 6th Form then you will need to pay for your entry. The school will only pay for one entry in either subject whilst you are in 6th Form.

If you already have a Grade 4 or above and are trying to improve your grade then you will need to pay for your entry.

You must have your English re-sit form signed by Mrs Colman and your Mathematics form signed by Mr Blunt. Without their signature your form will not be accepted.

If you have any questions please see Mrs Ellis as soon as possible. 

Key Dates

English and Mathematic re-sit forms must be returned with your fee by: TBC