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Woodbridge High School

Woodbridge High School

Learning Vision

Woodbridge is place where staff and students are passionate about learning. The Learning Vision highlights five strands that encourage learning to take place.

Our Vision

 Evident in every class



Cultivating a positive environment

 A positive environment

 Welcoming teachers

 Subject specialist of the week

 Praise for good work, both verbal and in books.

 High quality ambient learning environment

 Respectful relationships



Learning belonging to learners

Positive reinforcement is modelled and encouraged

 Students demonstrating to the class

 A variety of effective teaching styles are used

 Guided discovery  stimulates imagination and creativity

 All can access the work

 There are no ceilings to learning



Everyone enjoying being challenged


Students take on a range of appropriate roles

Targeted higher order questioning

Creativity and practical tasks

 Visual and kinaesthetic learning

 Different tasks sets for G&T/SEN students

 A “no fail” approach



Building learning

 Thinking time in the plenary about learning and progress in the lesson

 Taking Risks

 Explicit objectives every lesson

 Activities help meet objectives

Literacy skills, including independent planning

ICT supporting learning



Improving teaching

Teacher/ student discussion in plenary used to inform planning

Departments plan as a team

Coursework and deadline dates are clear

There is a folder to record continuing professional development

Department members are encouraged to observe colleagues

Learning from courses is disseminated to colleagues