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Woodbridge High School

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Entry Requirements

GCSE grade B in English (or English Literature)

Why Choose Law?

Law is a very popular choice for A Level at Woodbridge. This dynamic and exciting subject provides an opportunity to explore in detail a range of topics. The course allows students to develop key, transferable skills and helps them become confident and aware citizens. Law is a challenging subject and it is essential that students who study the course work hard and are able to write with clarity.

You are expected to read widely (newspapers, journals and Law Reports). By learning how to think independently and making critical decisions, you will be able to do well not just in a career in Law but in all aspects of your life.

The aims of the Law Department

  • To develop an understanding in the Law and how it develops
  • For students to examine legal scenarios and come up with possible solutions
  • For students to understand how the past has affected the present
  • To encourage students to explore a range of different viewpoints on key issues
  • For students to develop the art of articulation. Independent opinion will be encouraged through active debates.
  • To enable pupils to explore the Legal principles beyond England.
  • To foster links between Law and other disciplines where appropriate
  • To inspire students to study Law at university

Course details

The first year looks at the English legal system and covers fundamentals such as the legal professions, civil and criminal process, and sources of law. This unit allows the Law students to understand how the Law is created and operated in this country and the people that are involved in the Law making process.

Candidates who are successful in these two AS modules may carry onto the second year to the full Advanced Level.

The second year of study focuses on criminal law and covers topics such as homicide, non-fatal offences and defences. This year focuses in particular on what the Law is for these crimes, and how the law should be reformed. The students will develop analytical and evaluative skills whilst studying the content of this year.

How is it assessed?

The four modules of study are externally assessed by two papers in the summer of each year.

  • Course duration
  • One year at AS level
  • One year at A2 level.

Future Pathways

Finally, it should be pointed out that Law A (or AS) level is a well regarded qualification and will complement any subject you intend to study in the future.