PTA Contacts

Pankaj Pathak (Chair)

Jeremy Clifton (Assistant Head)


PTA Committee

Chair - Pankaj Pathak

Co-Chair - Sharon Ranghel-Smerdon

Secretary - Sophie Brandon

Treasurer - Sheila Qazi-Fazle

Committee members - Tomisona Mullings, Iffat Chaudhry, Hannah Ince, Cheryl Guymer  


About Woodbridge High School PTA

Woodbridge High School is fortunate to have a hard-working and supportive PTA which raises funds for those ‘extras’ that enhance the students’ experience at school, and would not otherwise be available from the school budget. Parents are encouraged to support the PTA through the Parental Donation Scheme. This enables parents to regularly donate money through standing order, online via ParentPay, or one-off payments by cheque. The PTA is then able to use these funds to pay for school improvement projects. For information on how to donate go to the Payments section of the website.

Parents can also support by attending the various PTA events throughout the year, including Quiz Nights and the Summer Fayre.

  1. Eduvoice fundraising programme