GCSE Results

Woodbridge High School

GCSE Results Press Statement – 24 Aug 17


We are extremely pleased with this year’s excellent GCSE results.

Across the country, students have for the first time studied a mixture of new-style GCSEs in English Language, English Literature and Maths with increased and more-rigorous content (graded from 9 to 1) and old-style GCSEs (graded A*-G).

Due to these changes, we are expecting turbulence in results nationally. Given this expected turbulence, we have performed very strongly. We achieved our best results ever with 73% of our students gaining grade 4 or better in both of the new-style GCSEs in English and Maths. 

Today is about celebrating the results of each of our individual students, and we are particularly proud of the following students who achieved a high number of 9, 8, 7, A* or A grades:


          Lucy Malpas                   11        Two 9, one 8, seven A*, one A

          Lorna Cartwright            11        Two 9, one 7, seven A*, one A

          Hannah Teague              11        Two 9, one 8, four A*, four A

          Niamh Mellotte              11        One 9, one 8, three A*, six A

          Scarlet House                11        Two 8, one 7, three A*, five A

          David Wan                      10        Two 9, one 8, five A*, two A

          Hessa Shahid                 10        Three 8, three A*, four A

          Jonathan Miller              9          One 9, one 8, one 7, four A*, two A

          Zoe Watson-Field           9          Two 8, three A*, four A

          Ayesha Patel                  9          One 8, four A*, four A

          Alex Spalding                  9          One 9, four A*, four A


All of these students are planning to return to Woodbridge to study for A Levels in the Sixth Form.

These results have been achieved through the hard work of our students and teachers and our congratulations go to all of them.

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